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A Response on Proposed Join Up of Green Lanes in Grouville

Updated: Apr 27

We are writing to welcome the list of Proposed Green Lanes set out in the Winter 2022 edition of “Grouville Gazette”. It is great to have a Connétable who has publicly supported the Green Lane initiative.

We hope that you will take the following comments in the positive spirit in which they are being sent. We would like to make a few points and seek clarification from you.

La Rue des Teurs Champs

As this is already a Green Lane, we would like to suggest that this is deleted from your proposal.

La Chevre Rue

We are unclear as to why you have included this as it has already been approved to become a Green een Lane by the Parish Assembly held on 14th October 2021. We have been advised by IHE (Infrastructure, Housing and Environment), who are responsible for speed limits on all roads, that the reason the signage for this road has not progressed it because they were never formally notified by the previous Parish administration. This has resulted in the Minister not bringing this to the States Assembly for approval. Could you clarify whether you have now formally contacted IHE so that the Green Lane status for this road can be enacted as soon as possible?

La Rue du Coin, La Rue Soulas and Le Chemin du Radier

Furthermore, while we are pleased to see that the above roads are to be included in the Parish Green Lane plan, we must register our disappointment that, as with Chevre Rue, these roads were not formally notified to IHE so the 20mph speed limit agreed over a year ago at the Parish Assembly on 14 October 2021 has not been enacted.

La Rue de la Sente Maillard

We are pleased to note that you have already accepted Christopher Floyd’s suggestion that La Rue de la Sente Maillard should be added to the list.

We would like to request that the following roads are formally considered for addition to the Green Lane network.

La Sente des Fonds, which is narrow and winding.

La Rue Marais à la Cocque, which runs past Marais à la Cocque, and is an important remnant wetland. The road is used frequently by cyclists and walkers.

La Rue du Moulin à Vent. Sadly, this is currently used as a rat run which frightens off cyclists and walkers. It has great views now (until they are spoilt by solar installations). It connects with Rue des Alleurs, which is included in your list.

La Cache des Prés, which leads through the valuable wetland, where there are geese, swans, and feral chicken, which attract families with children.

La Rue du Moulin de Bas and Le Chemin des Maltières, both are narrow and winding. It is bizarre that the present speed limit is 40mph, which is far too high. They connect with La Cache des Prés, which should be, and lead to Rue Mathurin, which is included in your list.

La Rue de Val Poucin and Le Boulivot de Bas, which both run through handsome country, are on cycle routes to St. Saviour and town and connect with Le Grand Bourg, which is on your list.

As ever, we appreciate the positive dialogue between ourselves on behalf of Grouville Community, Environment and Change group and yourself on behalf of the Parish. We hope that our comments are taken in the constructive spirit of cooperation in which they have been sent.

Yours sincerely

Peter Hargreaves Jennifer Bridge

Grouville Community, Environment & Change

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