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Grouville Repair Cafe - A bi-monthly circular economy event led by Jennifer Bridge. Developing a repair culture, reducing waste and deepening parishioners sense of community and belonging.

Our Projects

Our Projects
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Safer Routes to school, work & shops - led by Peter Hargreaves, a campaign to promote provision of safe walking and cycling in Grouville joining up with neighbouring Parishes. A key component of an environmentally sustainable transport system, improving the health and quality of life of the community.


Community Growing - led by Sarah Howard, a project to create an inclusive gardening community which reconnects and learns through nature to be responsible for soil and water management. Through this the community will grow nutritious food, increase physical activity, improve mental well being whilst also providing education and awareness of the climate and biodiversity grow food in their own gardens, window sills and patios.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Arnworth House, Arnworth Avenue, Grouville, JE3 9BP Telephone 07797778965

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